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Talk to me…word on the street

Hey folks,

We are going to start doing something a little different here. Going forward I will be doing some video blogging. Asking questions to the people of North Delta to find out what is important to them, what interests them and what are the biggest issues for them leading up to May 12.

So take a look and get your cameras and web cams ready. Let’s start people talking!

Sorry the audio and the video don’t quite synch up properly on this first video, I am still trying to figure it all out.


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Join the fun and help the cause

Hey all,

I want to take the opportunity to invite everyone to join us on April 24, 2009 for a fundraiser extravaganza. We will be hosting our fundraiser in North Delta at the Delta Lion Pub to help raise funds for the final push of the campaign leading up to May 12.  So take some time out of your schedule, meet your candidate, hang out with your friends and help our movement for Change You Can Trust.

For more information or to get your tickets, contact Marc McPherson at

Here are the details:


Friday, April 24, 2009 – 6:30pm to whenever


Delta Lion Pub

11186 84th Ave

Delta, BC


Cost: $20 for burger with all the fixings, chips, and one beverage (cheap beer, house wine, well cocktail or soda)

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What is your issue?

As the election draws closer and we find ourselves in the final month leading up to May 12, I want to invite you all to join the discussion. What is your issue? What do you want some answers about? What do you think deserves discussion?

I am going to start here today talking about ethical and responsible government. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that has followed our current government over the past few elections that responsible government has not been a major concern. The reversal of an election promise resulting in the sale of BC Rail is one example. More troubling yet is the apparent involvement of Mr. Patrick Kinsella, the Liberal’s campaign co-chair. Gary Mason explains the troubling situation in a recent Globe and Mail Article HERE.

The Liberal governments Gag Law  that was recently, in part,  struck down by the BC Supreme Court as unconstitutional  is another example. Sadly, the NDP was no better. Anyone rememberBingogate? Fast ferries?

A BC Conservative government will push for effective recall legislation, effectively allowing the voters a chance to recall any MLA that has been involved in unprofessional behaviour.

One of the greatest things about being a candidate for MLA for the BC Conservative Party is that I, as your MLA, if elected, can speak for YOU. The BC Conservative Party promotes FREE VOTES in the legislature for all of its MLAs. What does this mean to you? It means as your representative in Victoria I am encouraged to vote on behalf of my constituents, not to tow the party line. So what is more appealing to you? An MLA that speaks for your concerns, and votes accordingly or a few more years of being told what is best for you by the boys, and girls, in Victoria?

Talk to me friends, come May 12, what is your issue?

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Open Letter to Local Papers – There is a Third Choice for MLA in Delta North

The following is a copy of the letter I have submitted to the local newspapers, The Now, The Leader and The Optimist. I will keep you all posted and share links when they print the announcement and share ALL of the options the voters of Delta North have come May 12, 2009.

Dear Sirs:

Recently I have seen announcements for both Guy Gentner and Jeannie Kanakos as candidates in Delta North for the NDP and Liberals respectively. I would like to make you, and your readers aware that they have a third choice in Delta North. I, Marc McPherson, am running in Delta North as the candidate representing the British Columbia Conservative Party (

I have followed politics since my youth and am well acquainted with the political scene in British Columbia. I am concerned about our revolving door justice system, and the lack of government services including Health Care and Education in our province. These concerns, coupled with continued deception, mismanagement, and lies from the Liberals and NDP over the past 18 years led me to come forth and run for the BC Conservative Party in 2009.

I graduated from North Delta Secondary School and have lived over 20 years of my life in North Delta where I have been involved in the community. I have participated in and worked as a volunteer in minor sports programs since my youth.

I have earned a Master of Business Administration Degree, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Business, an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminology.

As you can see from my background, I am a lifelong learner with a desire to make my myself, my community, my province and my country a better place. I would encourage all of your readers to strongly consider their new choice in Delta North, Marc McPherson and the BC Conservative Party.

You would be doing your readers a great service by informing them of, and equally representing, all of their options and letting them know that they have a third choice in the May 12, 2009 Provincial Election. Marc McPherson of the BC Conservative Party. The people of British Columbia deserve a better choice. They deserve a party that is going to stand up for them and their interests and not for the Unions or Special Interest Groups. The people of BC deserve a voice for change. Change they can trust.

I have included a copy of the BC Conservative Party Press Release (see release in previous post) announcing my candidacy in the upcoming election and I would be happy to answer any questions you, or your readers may have regarding myself and my party. You can reach me at or by phone at 604-727-5273. Both the BC Conservative Party and I can also be followed on Twitter at: for the BC Conservative Party or for myself.

Kind Regards,

Marc McPherson

British Columbia Conservative Party Candidate, Delta North

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Say Hi!

As readership here continues to grow and grow, I would like to take a moment to invite all of you to feel free to be in touch. I know many of you may not know me personally, yet. If anyone would like to sit down and have a chat, get to know who I am, where I am trying to go, why I am trying to get there and how the team is planning to make it all happen leave a comment or contact me directly at I am happy to meet with people one on one or in groups just to say hi and get to know each other.

Together we can make this province great again.

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B.C. Economy In Trouble – Projected jobs lost 42,000

Not good news. A recent Vancouver Sun article by Derrick Penner outlines the 2009 jobs forecast presented by Helmut Pastrick at the Vancouver Board of Trade’s annual outlook conference. Projected 42,000 BC jobs lost through 2010. Certainly part of the reason is the global economic down turn, but are the BC Liberals, the supposed skippers of the ship we call British Columbia to blame as well?

Here is an small part of Penner’s article:

“British Columbia’s job market will shrink almost two per cent in 2009 as the province sinks into recession, then contract a further 0.3 per cent in 2010, economist Helmut Pastrick said Thursday.

That will mean a net 42,500 jobs lost this year and another 6,500 jobs lost in 2010 before employment recovers to 2008 levels in 2011, Pastrick told the Vancouver Board of Trade’s annual economic outlook conference.

It will be the first time the province will have seen successive years of declining employment in more than 25 years, Pastrick, chief economist for Central 1 Credit Union, added in releasing Central 1’s latest economic forecast for the province.”

Read the whole article HERE.

As we move forward through this recession, its time to take a closer look at what the BC Liberals are doing for us, and ask, is it enough? Have they got the ship headed in the right direction? I would suggest that they are not and that it is time to look to the BC Conservative Party as an alternative for change. Change you can trust.

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Get informed, its your country, your province and your process

For anyone that may have seen the Rick Mercer Report on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, you have likely already seen this. It is “Rick’s Rant” from that episode and it pretty much says, as a population, we don’t know what is going on. So with a little entertainment value, I am joining Rick Mercer in encouraging all of you to inform yourselves of our electoral processes, both federally and provincially.You can get much information at Elections Canada and Elections BC.

Click on the tiny little controls within the video player below to watch the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Get informed, its your country, your …“, posted with vodpod

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