B.C. Economy In Trouble – Projected jobs lost 42,000

Not good news. A recent Vancouver Sun article by Derrick Penner outlines the 2009 jobs forecast presented by Helmut Pastrick at the Vancouver Board of Trade’s annual outlook conference. Projected 42,000 BC jobs lost through 2010. Certainly part of the reason is the global economic down turn, but are the BC Liberals, the supposed skippers of the ship we call British Columbia to blame as well?

Here is an small part of Penner’s article:

“British Columbia’s job market will shrink almost two per cent in 2009 as the province sinks into recession, then contract a further 0.3 per cent in 2010, economist Helmut Pastrick said Thursday.

That will mean a net 42,500 jobs lost this year and another 6,500 jobs lost in 2010 before employment recovers to 2008 levels in 2011, Pastrick told the Vancouver Board of Trade’s annual economic outlook conference.

It will be the first time the province will have seen successive years of declining employment in more than 25 years, Pastrick, chief economist for Central 1 Credit Union, added in releasing Central 1’s latest economic forecast for the province.”

Read the whole article HERE.

As we move forward through this recession, its time to take a closer look at what the BC Liberals are doing for us, and ask, is it enough? Have they got the ship headed in the right direction? I would suggest that they are not and that it is time to look to the BC Conservative Party as an alternative for change. Change you can trust.


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