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Say Hi!

As readership here continues to grow and grow, I would like to take a moment to invite all of you to feel free to be in touch. I know many of you may not know me personally, yet. If anyone would like to sit down and have a chat, get to know who I am, where I am trying to go, why I am trying to get there and how the team is planning to make it all happen leave a comment or contact me directly at I am happy to meet with people one on one or in groups just to say hi and get to know each other.

Together we can make this province great again.

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Are you a Conservative? Take the test!

I think that there is a misconception out there that all Conservatives are right wing religious wing-nuts. I suggest that, while there are going to be extremists in every realm of the political spectrum, that ultimately the majority of people both left and right fall far closer together than you would think. Here is a quick test from to help you figure out where you fall.

On that same thought process, check out the article “Too Conservative For Canada?” from 24 Hours Vancouver Edition by Bill Tieleman. Some rather interesting commentary on the supposed liberal political viewpoint of US President-Elect Barack Obama. Food for thought.


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Merry Christmas North Delta and Friends

I just wanted to take a moment to pop in briefly and wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that everyone finds themselves happy and healthy this season as we enjoy our family and friends and think back to those we lost since last year. We miss you dad.

And for those who missed it this year, here is part of one of my favorites. The “Genuine Fragile” lamp from “A Christmas Story.”

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Christmas Spirit and Lights, Lights, Lights!

For those of you brave enough to get out over the next few days, there are apparently some pretty spectacular light displays around Surrey and Delta. The Surrey Leader has a list of many of the brightest displays HERE.

If you take a stroll by any of them, let everyone know how they were!

And if you aren’t in the mood yet, check this one out. How would you like to be that neighbour?

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Being On-Purpose – Focus, discipline, happiness…

I wanted to shake things up a bit here and share something non-political, but extremely insightful and helpful. My friend Shane Gibson with Knowledge Brokers International and wrote a recent blog with an excellent podcast to accompany it. Find Shane’s PODCAST HERE.  It deals a lot with the things we should focus on in goal setting and in life. Inspiration. Values. Happiness. We did some training sessions last week based on some of the information in this podcast and it was flat out fantastic.

If you are in sales, you should also check out the book “Closing Bigger – The Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals” by Shane Gibson and Trevor Green. If you aren’t in sales, I still highly recommend Shane’s Podcast “Living Our Values.”


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Cold as something that’s really cold

Cold day here in Delta today. Fixing to get a whole lot colder for a while apparently.  Highs of -5? What is that? Check out this weeks tropical FORECAST. Kudos to the Municipality of Delta for having the roads safe quickly. Last night Vancouver and Richmond were death traps with uncountable cars all over the place. Cross the Alex Fraser and good old Delta is perfect. Well done.

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Marc, seriously, why are you running for MLA?

Sound like a question you are asking yourself? Don’t worry, many people are asking the same question so you are not alone. What I tell them is this:

I am not really sure. I have had a keen interest in politics at all levels, both local and international for a long time. The first memory that really rings strong, and I know my Campaign Manager, Craig, will remember this one too, was the 1988 Federal Election that saw Stan Wilbee elected under the Progressive Conservative banner here in North Delta. I am not sure what it was about that particular election, or that particular man that got us going, but it did.

For a few years after I graduated high school, I dated a gal that we had gone to school with. After graduation she moved to Ottawa to work as a Page in the House of Commons. As a result, I found myself watching a lot of sessions from the House on that channel way up in the listings. I was also fortunate enough to make a couple of trips to Ottawa in 1992 and 93. Two really notable events from those trips were finally meeting and dining with Stan Wilbee and attending a fundraiser for Kim Campbell. As we all well know, in that 1993 Federal Election, Ms. Campbell and the Progressive Conservatives were soundly defeated maintaining only 2 of their previous 151 seats in the House.

This was really the begining of the fascination for me. Not long after that time, I moved to Southern California for a while to pursue a college baseball dream. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to all who have the opportunity. While I was there, the US went through one of their weirdest elections ever in 2000 when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore. This election entrenched the term “hanging chad” in the American mind forever.  From that point on I watched with great interest as US Politics got intensely polarized only to see George W. Bush win again in 2004 where he defeated John Kerry. Throughout all this time, I became what one might call a talk radio junkie. I could not get enough of the political musings. 

During my time in California, I also witnessed history as Democratic Governor Gray Davis became only the second governor in US history to be recalled. Mr. Davis took a lot of flack for the electricity crisis that brought brown outs, rolling black outs, and incredibly expensive electricity to California in 2000 and 2001.  Anyhow, the impending recall election saw the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, take over as Governor of California.

Hopefully that gives you some insight into me, and why I am now beginning my political career running for MLA as the BC Conservative candidate for Delta North.


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