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Signs Across America

So I wanted to put a little something together, an ad of sorts, but TV is clearly out of the budget. What is in the budget? A couple of signs, some cooperative friends, some free software, and YouTube. 

Check it out

And Version 2. The extended Director’s Cut. Going global!


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Talk to me…word on the street

Hey folks,

We are going to start doing something a little different here. Going forward I will be doing some video blogging. Asking questions to the people of North Delta to find out what is important to them, what interests them and what are the biggest issues for them leading up to May 12.

So take a look and get your cameras and web cams ready. Let’s start people talking!

Sorry the audio and the video don’t quite synch up properly on this first video, I am still trying to figure it all out.

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Christmas Spirit and Lights, Lights, Lights!

For those of you brave enough to get out over the next few days, there are apparently some pretty spectacular light displays around Surrey and Delta. The Surrey Leader has a list of many of the brightest displays HERE.

If you take a stroll by any of them, let everyone know how they were!

And if you aren’t in the mood yet, check this one out. How would you like to be that neighbour?

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