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What is your issue?

As the election draws closer and we find ourselves in the final month leading up to May 12, I want to invite you all to join the discussion. What is your issue? What do you want some answers about? What do you think deserves discussion?

I am going to start here today talking about ethical and responsible government. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that has followed our current government over the past few elections that responsible government has not been a major concern. The reversal of an election promise resulting in the sale of BC Rail is one example. More troubling yet is the apparent involvement of Mr. Patrick Kinsella, the Liberal’s campaign co-chair. Gary Mason explains the troubling situation in a recent Globe and Mail Article HERE.

The Liberal governments Gag Law  that was recently, in part,  struck down by the BC Supreme Court as unconstitutional  is another example. Sadly, the NDP was no better. Anyone rememberBingogate? Fast ferries?

A BC Conservative government will push for effective recall legislation, effectively allowing the voters a chance to recall any MLA that has been involved in unprofessional behaviour.

One of the greatest things about being a candidate for MLA for the BC Conservative Party is that I, as your MLA, if elected, can speak for YOU. The BC Conservative Party promotes FREE VOTES in the legislature for all of its MLAs. What does this mean to you? It means as your representative in Victoria I am encouraged to vote on behalf of my constituents, not to tow the party line. So what is more appealing to you? An MLA that speaks for your concerns, and votes accordingly or a few more years of being told what is best for you by the boys, and girls, in Victoria?

Talk to me friends, come May 12, what is your issue?


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Liberal NDP Bloc Coalition

Disgust, disbelief, anger. Three words I have heard a lot recently. A lot has been said in the past 10 days or so since this whole LNB Coalition came to the forefront of Canadian politics but what does it all mean? Some have called it undemocratic, some have called it down right illegal. In actuality, its neither, what it is, however is hugely unpopular with the Canadian voters who less than two months ago made a choice that seems to mean nothing to the Lib NDP Bloc Coalition. Recent polls have support for the Harper Conservative government skyrocketing from the 38% of the vote garnered on October 14 to anywhere from 44% to 51% depending on the polling company. Check out this article by Rob Breakenridge from the Calgary Herald for more on the numbers, HERE.

But what does it all come down to? On December 4, the Governer General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, approved Stephen Harper’s request to prorogue Parliament. Since then, we have seen the coalition members looking more than a little unorganized and silly. The Liberals pushed their failed and interim leader, Stephan Dion out. They then followed that up with a scramble to decide how to replace him before January that ended with Bob Rae backing out leaving a choice of one. Michael Ignatieff. Apparently acting quickly was more important than acting democratically on this occasion.

In the end, what seems to have really put a bad taste in peoples mouths, especially in Western Canada was being told that your vote didn’t matter and to add insult to injury, we plan on placing Stephane Dion at the helm! All I can say, is the gents in Ottawa are doing a great job at sullying the Liberal and NDP brands out West. It is an exciting time to be a part of a grass roots, BC Conservative party pushing for change here in BC.

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