Volunteer Opportunities in North Delta

So since many people keep asking me how they can help on our quest for MLA- Delta North, I thought it a good idea to throw out some ideas on what you can do if you if you want to help.

1. Join us! Joining the BC Conservative Party is an inexpensive and easy way to help. You can join HERE. Membership costs $10 per year, or 5 years for $35.

2. Donate. You can donate to the party on the same link from #1 for membership. You can also contact me directly if you would prefer to donate to my campaign rather than the party. Keep in mind that you get a tax credit for political donations!  You can see the full schedule for the credits at the link, but as an example,  for a donation of $100, you would get a tax credit for $75. That makes your net cost (after the tax credit) is only $25.

3. Volunteer your time. Over the coming months we are going to need a lot of help in many areas.

  • We currently need help getting the final signatures for the Nomination Booklet. If anyone wants to sign, or help collect signatures, let us know ASAP.
  • We will need people to make phone calls to constituents on behalf of the campaign.
  • We will need people to help organize fund raisers.
  • We will need people interested in doing some busy work like putting up signs and such.

4. Start, or participate in a Constituency Association. For more information on Constituency Associations, check out some of the links at ELECTIONS BC.

5. Tell people about us. Talk to your friends, family and coworkers. Let them know what we are trying to do here in North Delta. This is truly a grass roots effort and everyone’s help in promoting the party and my campaign in North Delta is extremely helpful.

These are a few of the things that I can think of that you can do if you want to help. If you have other ideas or would like to be a part of the process in any way, leave a comment, drop me an email, or give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.

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