Being On-Purpose – Focus, discipline, happiness…

I wanted to shake things up a bit here and share something non-political, but extremely insightful and helpful. My friend Shane Gibson with Knowledge Brokers International and wrote a recent blog with an excellent podcast to accompany it. Find Shane’s PODCAST HERE.  It deals a lot with the things we should focus on in goal setting and in life. Inspiration. Values. Happiness. We did some training sessions last week based on some of the information in this podcast and it was flat out fantastic.

If you are in sales, you should also check out the book “Closing Bigger – The Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals” by Shane Gibson and Trevor Green. If you aren’t in sales, I still highly recommend Shane’s Podcast “Living Our Values.”


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2 responses to “Being On-Purpose – Focus, discipline, happiness…

  1. Thanks for the kind words Marc. I’ve had a few visitors arrive to my podcast from here. I hope they enjoyed it.

    Have a great Christmas.

    Shane Gibson

  2. marcformla

    Shane, no problem. I hope that they found it as useful and inspiring as I did.


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