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Three Issues for May 12?

Riding the SkyTrain downtown yesterday, I was reading 24 Hours newspaperand came across the “Rebel with a Clause” column by Alex Tsakumis titled “Take a cloer look”. For anyone that saw it, you will likely agree it was a pleasant sup rise to see. For those of you that didn’t, check out the link above. 

Mr. Tsakumis talks about the Green Party, STV, and the Recognition and Reconcilliation Act  that the BC Liberals tried to force through before the election.

Here is an excerpt of the final paragraph of the piece:

“On Tuesday May 12, vote B.C. Conservative in all the ridings where candidates are available. It’s the only answer. They are reasonable and honest and would hold the balance of power responsibly.”


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Are you a Conservative? Take the test!

I think that there is a misconception out there that all Conservatives are right wing religious wing-nuts. I suggest that, while there are going to be extremists in every realm of the political spectrum, that ultimately the majority of people both left and right fall far closer together than you would think. Here is a quick test from theadvocate.com to help you figure out where you fall.

On that same thought process, check out the article “Too Conservative For Canada?” from 24 Hours Vancouver Edition by Bill Tieleman. Some rather interesting commentary on the supposed liberal political viewpoint of US President-Elect Barack Obama. Food for thought.


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