And you thought you were tired of the NDP

So since the demise of the little Liberal NDP Bloc circus we came to know as the Coalition, there have been a couple of very vocal dissidents. Namely Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe. Seems Jack is a bit bitter thathis attempted power grab fell flat on its face once Ignatieff came to the table. And really, everyone, except maybe Jack, knows that was his only chance at seeing any kind of power in Ottawa anytime soon.

But if you thought you were tired of listening to Jack and the tantrum ads the NDP have been running against the Liberals, check out Charles Adler’s letter to Mr. Layton. That ought to about sum it up. Now Jack, do you really think those ads are helping your cause? Or maybe just making you look like a bitter 6th grader than got knocked out of the dodge ball game in gym class.

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